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Demonstration projects


Sustainable energy production in mountain regions

Sustainable energy production in mountain regions
Sustainable energy production in mountain regions
Main objective

Identifying suitable areas for constructing new energy infrastructure, including those in mountainous regions, by engaging various stakeholders.

Expected outcome

The selection of optimal locations for renewable energy systems to minimise biodiversity and ecosystem services loss and maximise energy production. The project is expected to consider uncertainties for identifying robust solutions that include ecosystem services-related evidence so that these can be incorporated into cantonal planning processes.

The project emerged from the need to develop a spatial concept for the Swiss confederation, legally binding also for the cantons, that identifies priority areas for development, protection, and compensation of infrastructure in mountainous areas which are dynamic systems that provide a wide range of ecosystem services, including biodiversity conservation, hydropower generation, and recreational opportunities.  In this context, this DP will employ remote sensing, biodiversity monitoring, and multi-objective optimisation methods to analyse potential locations for renewable energy systems, as well as engagement methods for involving stakeholders in the optimisation process. Various stakeholders will be engaged, including representatives from the Canton of Grisons (Office of Energy, Economy and Tourism, Spatial Planning, Agriculture, Forests and Natural Hazards), the Swiss Federal Office of Spatial Planning, energy companies and NGOs.

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