18 September 2023

SELINA and BioValue cooperate for transformative change

From 6 - 8 September 2023, the University of Trento hosted the second BioValue project meeting, which aims at advancing biodiversity's value by supporting EU strategic actions through transformative change in spatial planning and policymaking. The aim of the BioValue project is to incorporate biodiversity information at different levels of the decision-making process for spatial policy and planning practices. This will increase the opportunities to enhance urban ecosystem biodiversity and promote transformative spatial change in support of the EU's strategic action known as the Biodiversity Strategy.

During the BioValue project meeting in Trento, a pivotal event took place as participants convened for a joint session with the SELINA project. The primary focus of this session was twofold. Firstly, it aimed to introduce the seven public SELINA's Demonstration Projects, highlighting their strategic importance for the project and for enhancing the uptake of ecosystem services information. Secondly, it provided an opportunity to showcase the progress of the Demonstration Project collaboratively developed by the University and the Municipality of Trento. This project centres around the formulation of an Urban Greening Management Plan for the city.

Throughout the session, participants engaged in collaborative discussions, demonstrating their shared commitment to advancing sustainable urban development. These discussions delved into the complexities of incorporating ecosystem services-related information into spatial planning, acknowledging its crucial role in shaping the future of urban environments.

This event underscored the BioValue and SELINA projects' dedication to fostering cooperation and knowledge exchange among professionals and policymakers from diverse European projects, promoting a collective effort to address challenges while prioritising biodiversity and sustainability.