3 January 2024

Community of Practice in Belgium: Joint kick-off with the Belgian Platform for Transformative change

On the 5th of December 2023, the kick-off of the Belgian Platform for Transformative Change took place. The platform allows to look for signs of fundamental change in the way we relate to the world around us, in the way we interact with ecosystems, and in the way we generate and use knowledge. The meeting also served as a kick-off of the SELINA Community of Practice in Belgium.

The Platform is an initiative of VITO, stemming from their participation in the SELINA project. The meeting started with a small group but a special mycelium exercise showed that there were a lot of connections between the participants. This prepared the ground for a conversation about transformative change and questions that the platform could try to answer. The Platform needs to be an open and safe environment where in co-creation with each other a fertile soil for transformative change is created and inspired.

At the end of the meeting, some “seeds of transformative change” were identified with participants providing suggestions for projects and initiatives that had some transformative qualities such as multi-stakeholder involvement, experimenting with a diversity of solutions, strategies or pathways and creating diverse co-benefits to different stakeholders.

If you are interested in joining the Belgian Platform for Transformative Change or the SELINA Community of Practice on biodiversity, ecosystem services and transformative change in your own country, please contact