27 September 2023

Countdown to SELINA Workshop #2

The second SELINA thematic workshop will take place from 2-5 October 2023 in the CaixaForum cultural centre in Madrid, Spain. The hybrid format of the event will allow for more than 80 participants to attend on-site and around 20 more to join online. Among the participants will be SELINA’s partners, Advisory Board members, early career researchers and local stakeholders from the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge and two companies for environmental services (ECOACSA and Tragsatec).

The workshop will focus on the methods for mapping, assessment, and accounting of ecosystem condition and services, as well as their integration and the structuring of the SELINA Compendium of Guidance (CoG). The needs and challenges that SELINA’s Demonstration Projects encounter in terms of implementing the methods above will also be discussed.

Along with the panel discussions, parallel sessions and Advisory Board meeting, the event will encompass a one-day field trip to a local national park with a rich ecosystem and wildlife.

You can find the agenda of the meeting here.