27 February 2024

Community of Practice in Slovenia: Local stakeholders gather to discuss SELINA and transformative change

The first meeting of the Slovenian SELINA Community of Practice (CoP) took place on 23 January 2024 in Ljubljana. The event started with a warm welcome and an introduction to the SELINA project, its Community of Practice and the concept of transformative change (“seeds of change”). Attendees represented a diverse array of sectors, including public research/educational institutions, public professional institutes, public administration, protected area management, private non-profit institutes and private companies.

During the meeting, participants engaged in discussions covering a wide range of topics, including non-formal education, the intrinsic value of nature, the integration of ecosystem services into decision-making processes, and the need for enhanced cooperation. Exciting proposals for "seeds of change" emerged, encompassing initiatives such as the Forest Fund, dialogue on flood management, agricultural policy outcomes, active communication with agricultural advisors, mobility development projects and non-formal learning about biodiversity based on Study Circle approach.

Overall, the event provided a valuable platform for fruitful discussions and the exchange of innovative ideas. Participants expressed their eagerness to convene in person approximately twice a year.