21 - 25 August 2023
Vienna, Austria

40th IAHR World Congress

The 40th International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) World Congress will take place in Vienna, Austria from 21 - 25 August 2023. The topic of the conference will be ”Rivers – connecting mountains and coasts”, focusing on the importance of an integrated and intelligent approach to the management of the full water cycle to address global challenges.

The conference theme highlights IAHR’s commitment to the importance of rivers providing safe drinking water, being a source of energy production, acting as lifelines for navigation, and providing ecosystems with habitats for a plethora of terrestrial and aquatic species.

The event aims to provide scientists, engineers, organisations, central and local authorities, companies, and young professionals early in their careers an exciting opportunity to share and discuss recent advances and experiences and identify innovative and emerging trends in hydro-environmental science and engineering.

The themes that are going to be elaborated are: 

  • River Research and Management
  • Deltas and Coastal Engineering
  • Sediment Transport and Morphodynamics
  • Integrated Management of Extremes, Climate Change
  • Environment and Society
  • Urban Water and Water Industry
  • Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management
  • Computational and Experimental Methods

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