4 - 6 June 2024
Turku, Finland

16th Nordic Environmental Social Science Conference (NESS 2024)

Sustainability transformations are urging for complementary approaches to understand and affect the ways in which human beings know about and live with nature. In research, this implies sustained attention to interdisciplinary dialogue as a form of knowledge co-production. Such a dialogue can refer both to cooperation across academic fields and disciplinary boundaries, as well as to the engagement with different stakeholders in the processes of knowledge production.

On 4-6 June 2024, the 16th Nordic Environmental Social Science Conference (NESS 2024) will be held on the theme “Co-producing knowledge for sustainability” in Turku, Finland. The Conference will be hosted by Åbo Akademi University in cooperation with the University of Turku. The conference is open to environmental social science scholars along with scholars from other fields interested in interdisciplinary knowledge co-production and co-creation for sustainability. 

The Conference will include a workshop dedicated to the governance of Nature-based Solutions “Workshop 13: Unravelling the socio-political conditions for more inclusive Nature-based Solutions.” This workshop seeks to explore research that unravels the socio-political conditions of NbS design and implementation. Special attention is given to the methods and practices of engaging relevant actors in these processes.

To register for the Conference, please go here.

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