Demonstration Projects

Demonstration projects

DP03: Urban Greening Management Plan for the city of Trento

Urban Greening Management Plan for the city of Trento
Main objective:

To prepare an Urban Greening Management plan for the city of Trento. 

Expected outcome(s):

An integrated green management tool, pilot projects, and themes that will contribute to the drafting of the plan and its related strategies. These include biodiversity conservation, green space accessibility, climate adaptation, and public participation.

The Urban Greening Management plan will establish criteria for managing public and private green areas, with a particular focus on biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation. For this purpose, the project is currently conducting a detailed survey of the state and conditions of public and private green areas within the Municipality. Later stages will address the supply of key urban ecosystem services, including climate and water regulation, pollination support, and recreation. The planning process incorporates citizen science and participatory activities such as surveys and roundtables. The plan will be developed by actively involving stakeholders from scientific institutions such as the University of Trento, the University of Bolzano, the scientific museum of the City (MUSE), provincial and municipal offices, and citizens and community organisations.

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